CLASSES – Restoration Shaman!

CLASSES – Restoration Shaman!

Restoration shamans are AOE based healers. Aside from being very effective in massive healing, they are also capable of Tank healing.

They use Mail items which give Stamina and Intellect as main stats, and Spell power, Haste Rating and Mana per 5 sec as secondary Stats.

The best weapons for Restoration Shamans are a 1hand Mace or Dagger and a Shield or Held in Off-hand item combo. But if you have the opportunity to get a decent 2hand Staff, that will work out just fine.

After getting a decent amount of spellpower, Haste and Mana per 5 second are VERY IMPORTANT for a restoration shaman.

Even though restoration shamans have the Mana Tide Totem up to keep their mana full, they definitely need some decent amount of mana per 5 second in order to last till the end of a long boss fight and keep the raiders alive.


For Healers there arent any certain caps for secondary stats, But we will give you some caps which you should try to reach in order to benefit the most of your Restoration Shaman and keep people alive in raids.

Haste Rating: Around 800 Haste rating will be enough (without totems and buffs) (%24~)

Mana Per 5 Seconds: 600 ( with Mana shield up, but without totems) This should help a lot in keeping your mana up for long boss fights.

Critical Strike Rating: %30 (unbuffed, without talent points added) This should be enough.


For major Glyphs there are 3 suggestions for you to get for your Restoration Shaman.

[Glyph Of Earth Shield]

[Glyph of Riptide]

[Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave]

With these glyphs, You can either Tank Heal, Or Raid fix without struggling.

But in order for these 3 glyphs to work properly, Remember to keep Earth Shield up on the Tank you’re healing, Or the most Damage-taking DPS while Raidfixing, and remember to use Lesser Healing Wave instead of Healing Wave when you dont need to cast Chain Heal. (it is quicker, and heals enough with these glyphs)

For minor Glyphs, the regular shaman minors will be enough:

[Glyph of Water Shield]

[Glyph of Astral Recall]

[Glyph of Renewed Life]


For meta gem slot:

[Ember Skyflare Diamond] is probably the best choice, But

[Beaming Earthsiege Diamond] is usable as well. Depends on your choise.

For regular gem slots you should really be carefull.

For shamans, Intellect isnt as usefull as it was before. So for yellow Sockets:

[Quick King's Amber] is the best choise. More haste, quicker heals.

For red sockets there is only 1 option:

[Runed Cardinal Ruby]

For blue Sockets, there arent any blue gems which are usefull for Restoration Shamans, so the suggestion is either :

[Royal Dreadstone]


[Energized Eye Of Zul]


Here is a sample talent build for the best benefit from your Restoration Shaman:

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